#RELAXYOURMIND was shot on location in Dar es Salaam and features a number of Mzungu Kichaa´s long standing crew, some of which are family. They include Director of Photography (DOP) Adam Juma, Video Director Rita Wachera, Artistic Director Jessica Olsen and Producer Louise Kamin.

#TWAJIACHIA During their 2014 tour to Germany, Mzungu Kichaa, Bongo Beat and reggae singer Malfred, collaborated on a song in one of Hamburgs most respected studios TAO Studios. The whole process was captured during the recording session and can be seen in this OFFICIAL music video.

#MINDBODYSOUL is part of a bigger body of work by Mzungu Kichaa around the same song making up 11 tracks, in Danish, English and Swahili with various remixes. For the Danish version Mzungu Kichaa teamed up with SOS Children’s Villages which has secured airplay on Danish national television and a feature in an educational program reaching 120,000 Danish school children. The song is about finding hope and purpose in life. At the same time the song is also based on the larger concept of family, which belongs to the community, and the responsibility we all have as human beings worldwide in supporting the welfare of the next generation. WATCH Swahili version or WATCH Danish version.

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