Whistling Thorn Publishing, named after the African acacia tree, draws inspiration from the symbiotic relationship between ants and the tree, particularly the enchanting whistling sound produced when the wind blows through the holes created by ants in acacia seeds. This harmony of nature serves as our guiding metaphor for fostering collaborative and balanced musical projects.

We strive to safeguard and enrich artists through our collaborative endeavours. By participating in prestigious international events like WOMEX, SXSW, and SPOT, and by exploring the vibrant music scene of East Africa, we are dedicated to discovering and supporting established and emerging talent.

Whistling Thorn Publishing is committed to sharing African popular music globally. Join us on our journey to promote diverse talent and create musical harmony worldwide.

2024 projects

  • 3-4 May, SPOT+ Conference - the premier Danish music industry event
  • July 10-30, visits to Nairobi and Dar es Salaam
  • 23-27 Oct, WOMEX 24 - international Conference and trade fair for music
  • 15-25 Nov, supporting two new artists from East Africa to tour in Denmark

contact: CRTanzania @ gmail.com



Caravan Records is a globally connected label specialising in popular music. The idea of a mobile studio and record label emerged while Mzungu Kichaa lived in a caravan, with half of it converted into a studio. This experience taught us the importance of simplicity, especially in fostering artistic expression and independence. Often, incredible music arises from challenges and adversity.

Caravan Records embodies a nomadic spirit, reflecting cultures in transition and embracing innovation, diversity, and inclusivity. With offices in Tanzania and Denmark, our company has curated "The Beat Festival" in Dar es Salaam for nearly a decade. This monthly festival, in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Radio France and privat sector partners, has served as a vital hub for talent discovery and artistic development.

Today, our focus is on releasing music and producing international tours. We've collaborated with renowned artists such as Fid Q, Ashimba, Wafande, Kaka, Karen Mukupa, Sauti Sol, Lady Jaydee, Dela, DJ Born To Funk, Yvonne Mwale, and many others. As opportunities and support for music continue to expand and evolve, our aim is to provide a platform for more artists to share their music with the world.

2024 projects:

  • Fade Away album release by Mzungu Kichaa 1. March 2024
  • Three music video launches for “Fall in Love”, “Fade Away” and “London Town”
  • Media tour with Mzungu Kichaa in Kenya with Anyiko PR in July 2024
  • Media tour in Tanzania in July and tour production for Mzungu Kichaa
  • European tour with Mzungu Kichaa and band in November 2024
  • European summer tour with Mzungu Kichaa in 2025