#FALLINLOVE was produced by Louise Kamin and Directed by Okey. Shot in Arusha 2024

#BOM is Mzungu Kichaa´s latest music video. It was Directed by Justin Campos and shot on location in Johannesburg.

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#YGM was Directed and shot by Jessica Maria Olsen on an iPhone. The track features @illtownking and @gracematata and was produced by P Funk Majani. Read full press release and credits

#JITOLEE Is Mzungu Kichaa´s first single off the debut album Tuko Pamoja. It speaks about the importance of thinking of others and not just focusing on your own personal gain. 

#RELAXYOURMIND was shot on location in Dar es Salaam and features a number of Mzungu Kichaa´s long standing crew, some of which are family. They include Director of Photography (DOP) Adam Juma, Video Director Rita Wachera, Artistic Director Jessica Olsen and Producer Louise Kamin.

#TOGETHERASONE features Tanzanian star Juma Nature and Zambian & Danish artist Karen Mukupa. The three musicians have created a strong friendship over the years and share a strong belief in the power of unity. Like many of the lyrics reveal, the song emphasises the importance of coming together, breaking down barriers and borders that divide us physically and socially. Together as one was captured with visuals shot in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam and Copenhagen.